Thursday, September 29, 2005

College as a rerun

I never though I would actually go back to school. Once I was out that was that I was done but now I find my self here again and wow. I hind in the upstairs of what as know as the UC or the University center. I watch them all go by, the students. THe onces that haven't been here before. I strange need to wear your PJ's to class the said fate of college fashion and I know because I once spent a whole year wearing nothing but fat pants from Walmart to class. The freshman 45 has become a national past time here and Looking like an complete dult is in order for every 19 year old girl. College has become the new highschool. Ditzy teens without their parents to say no around. I watch and I wonder, how are they going to become really people with jobs, but then again they most likely are all psyc, majors or Rec majors with a comm and journalism thrown in for good measure. I'm not any older than any of them but to them this is the real world. Nashville is the biggest city they have seen and they've never lived there, or taken the bus. It's a symptom of the south, hardly anyone lives here on campus and they all have cars which they drive to campus even if they live really close. I worry, no wonder the south is the way it is, filled with ingnorance and privlage. Recycle or taking the bus is some how wrong here. But they are soooo nice. No not really. I have yet to find this crazy southern hospitality, I think it's a myth congered up to make them feel better about hating people and creating a casts system that prevents people for escaping poverty. Well it's only a few more years and I normally hang out with non southerns so it helps. So much for being a carefree college student again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I think that Fall might be here

I don't known if I can wait any longer for fall. It keeps hinting at it. Cool mornings and then BOOOOM hot by the afternoon. Yuck. They say its going to be really nice tomorrow, around 70 degrees. I really hope thats the case. I don't know if I can take it anymore considering its the end of freakin' september.
MMMMMMM what have we been up to... not much actually. Lost is on tonight so we're going to Danas to watch it and before hand we're hitting up the hobby lobby for fuzzy yarn. I found this great coat at Target but I don't know if I'm going toget it because I think it makes me look a little thick, granted I am a wee chunkie I just don't kick my coats to show that off. School is school right now, I can't explain the boredum because it's better than working but not. Yeah it sucks to have a real job that requires to you get up go and stay there but atleast your doing something. I feel a little odd about school because I'm not working but I want to be. My days are very open and I end up napping and watching TV rather than doing something useful like finish knitting my sweater.
Well I should think about making dinner here soon, disregard the time stamp on my blog its about 2 hours behind. Ok have fun out there to all those people who live in places where fall as already arrived.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Only 96 hours left

yes folks that right you only have 96 hours left to yourself a brand new GMC vehicle with the employee discount. You know you want an over priceds poorly made car with no resale value. So do it go buy yourself one. Hell make it two or three. How about a colbolt, the next generation of the Cavalier or maybe you want a saturn with plastic doors. Ok so I just can't handle it anymore, its a giant pain in the ass to hear the ads constantly. Weekend was a weekend. We went to dana's house on saturday night to have BBQ and chat with her folks who where here for the week. On friday night we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays which wasn't sooo bad and then went to see the corpse bride. It was very good, it was fun lots of fun. Lots of signing and dancing and dead things it was good. Thursday was a coffee night and on wednesday I watched LOST. It was supper cheesy but it was a season premier party so I went. I might watch the next episode because I have to see what happends, mmmm so sleepy and I don't known why. Ok I think I'll take a nap

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I miss Idaho

Around this time of year in Idaho the first freak freeze would have come to moscow. I would need my coat but I still would wear my flip/flops until the first snow. Instead its 90 today and the evenings get to about 70 and stays that way!!!! I'm peved or vexed I can't deside. I just know I want it to be fall so bad I can hardly stand it. I'm wearing long sleave shirts and jeans, well I have to because the AC is set to like 65 in all the buildings on campus because everyone is fat here. I got a ride to schoool and home today so I feel good, no walking in the heat. Frankie Ra is almost done with loosing his feathers so he's feeling much better now, but now his feathers are growing back and he feels a little funny about it, he's not so keen on coming out right now. I have a test in Microbiology tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Ok Claire

Monday, September 19, 2005

When did it get so freaking Hot

Yeah, after a fantastic weekend of cool overcast weather it got freakin' hot again and I'm pissed. Just tease me with a little fall, and then boom back to the hot. My hair is all messed up because of it. It's not fair. Any whooo, good weekend. We had the Jetta fixed on Saturday. The exust needed some work because of the hummity they rust out much quicker here. They got it done really quick, but it took longer because the Bikers convention at the fair grounds had a toy drive ride down the main road, which is the same the same road we were one. I was neat to see that many motercycles all at once. There were some really neat bikes too. We then went over to see Ross' friends from the unit, Davis and his wife. They have a great little place, but no furiture because she's only staying until he heads out to the sand box. She's going back to Tacoma, ah the great northwest, how I miss you. Sunday was quite, I wanted to study for my test but I went out with Amanda and Dana it was much more fun. We had a great time shopping and being really girly. I almost bought something at the GAP, ah my god Claire in the gap shocking!!!!! Yes, they have pants that come in Ankle length, which is almost too long for me. yeah I'm short. I got some studing in and I feel ok about the test. We it comes to that class and his tests you can never study enough because he mainly pulls the questions out of his butt. I'm currently sitting on the floor of the apartment watching Dr. phil, waitng for the X-files to come on. I really need to get a life. Tonight I have to go to post and have an FRG training meeting that is going to go until 9 at night. YUCK. I hate going to post. Ok I gota work on gaining another 30 lbs and I need to bleach out my hair so I'll blend in to night.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Micro class

ahhh yes microbiology class, the class in which my four years of school are condensed down into a short six month pellet and fed to other students who look at me with sad eyes and go what? One of only three people with prior lab experience in class, April and I are the resendent class geniuses, woooowhoooo, I am so smart s-m-r-t,sorry channeling my inner homer. Though I might be able to do a gram stain in my sleep I still manged to get a big blob on my sweater. None other than the beautiful crystal violet. I screamed and then began to panic, how do I get it off my favorite ugly green sweater. Then like the moron I am it dawned on me, alcohol. The thrid step of a gram stain you use ethal alcohol to decolorize the bacteria and wash away the extra stain. Came right out!!! As exciting as all that was more exciting things have been happening in the world. Brittney gave birth to her first ugly monkey child she had with her gene pool contaminating husband. Now that scares me more than anything. I have a birhtday close to hers, we got married about the same time, and she has now one up'd me and had a baby. God help that child. Renee and Toby have slip, what a year for them, met at the tsunami in december, because destruction and the smell of dead fish mixed with sand is sooooo rommantic, get married and separate all before they can know each other a year. WOW. How to you top that one, I'd be wanting my wedding gift back, hell it was most likely never even used. I've been married a year and there are some things I've never used. Like that damn silver water thing I got. Ok enough ragging on other peoples lives that aren't mine I get to go school, but then it is friday.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

a wild weekend of fun

so we had a crazy wild weekend of fun, actually we really didn't do anything. We went to a friends art showing that didn't turn out at all. Then had some drinks at the deli, stayed out late-ish and smelled like smoke. On saturday I contemplated home work while practing my typing. Yes I'm regreting, for the first time in my life, that I didn't learn how to touch type from Mrs. Easter in like 5th grade when it was completely pointless but now when I'm taking notes in class it would be really nice. Amanda and I went out shoping. MMM we got coffee at the evil empire that is starbucks, mmm pumkin spice latte and marshmellow square. Plus a trip to target for mildless goodies like a battie bat t- shirt for haloween. Ross and I headed over to see the ADA guy before he left for Iraq this morning, they had a BBQ. Today was a thrilling day, went to the recycle center, woooo that's exciting. I also though about maybe studing for my test that I have on Wednesday. I cleaned instead. I made dinner and watched the new simpsons and family guy. Let me tell you this has been a wild weekend. Can hardly wait for the week ahead, hahhahhahaaahahahaaaa. Ok, enough it's about time for bed or thinking about it. damn I have to but the sheets on the bed, ooo fresh sheets are worth it. Ok nighty night.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

grocery shoping at the walmart

so today, this morning to be exact I braved the walmart to go grocery shopping. Man at 9:30 am there were all ready a bunch of people there. MMMM lots of ...mmmm uuuum, large people too. I've come to learn that in the south thats the norm. It wasn't to bad actually. I got all my shopping done and it didn't cost to much.
Last night we went to see a friend's art showing but they didn't even put her work up so we left, and went to the Deli for some dinner and drinks. The boys ended up staying for hours until the band got really loud and we decided to leave. The band wasn't to bad but it was so f'ing loud we had to leave. MMM we saw alot of really nasty austin peay students. To much uncovered skin. There was a guy trying to get a whole picher of beer down in hopes that the really ugly girl he was with would get better looking but it didn't seem to be working. It was good to watch though. Well I need to go work out and then get the wal mart off me. iek walmart cooties.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The amazing Human pin cushion

God damnit so much for not getting stuck today. We had to draw these giant tubes for class, I think you might be able to suck a kidney through the needle with the vacume in them, and well my first vein didn't give more than a bit of blood then Chris missed the other vein. So much for day when I don't get to be the human pin cushion. Spent most of the day in lab, morning then afternoon. My micro class is like a rehash of my whole degree which is nice because it means I'm smart, s-m-a-t!!! I got a new bag that carries my labtop last night and it worked well today.
Campus is almost as good as Vegas for the people watching. MMM southern fired fat, if everywhere. And no shame to be big and wear a tank top. Shorts no problem you have huge white legs please by all means wear shorts. Well all this talk of fat has made me hugry so I need a snack.

Mmm canned spam

Yes I have spam, its not terminal but I do have spam. Annoying bothersom spam that has found it's way into my comments box. I also get my fair share in my inbox. Its ok I'll move on.
Today in another school day. weeeee. We have Lab in the morning ofr Blood bank, which is equally gross and neat seeing as we how have hospital samples. My veins thank you for that. I'm starting to look like a user with all the wholes that have been stabed in my since I started school in june. I have these great vein and because I'm the same color as a hospital sheet you can see them sooooo i'm great phleb practice. OUCH!!!! well I should think about going to school now so I'll fill you in on the day later

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


In the wake of the storm that brought down a city and brought Fall to clarksville, I hope something good can come of it. With so many people who were once so poor and had never left the city are moved to places that aren't the south, I see change. I see happy children who learn that there is something beyond the confinds of poverty. When I was in Oklahoma and subing for the school district, I saw students who thought that the OC was a fictional show and no place was like that. They had never been beyond Oklahoma city and some had never been there. They didn't understand that there was anything but the same beyond Lawton. Though I think the OC is crap and shouldn't make it to another stupid season, the kids still watched it. I hope that with out the culture which breds teenage mothers and uneducation these kids and hopefully parents will see that there is world beyond the south and poverty and the racism which runs rampent in the south. Maybe Katrina is a time of rebuilding and rebirth for people and when the water dries and the homes are rebuild people will move back in with new views and new hopes. It's all we can hope for in all the destruction.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Four day weeks and happy aniversaries

Today is monday and that means I don't have school today because its a holiday. I don't labor but I get the day off. I think my many days of waiting tables qualifies me for a day off. The weather is great but we really didn't do anything today. I might con Ross into a walk tonight because is might be 82 degrees out but there is a nice breeze and a the shade is great.
Yesterday was our one year wedding aniversary. We cleaned Ross's office and then we went out to dinner at the Black Horse downtown. It was nice. Can't say we've done alot. I go back to school on tuesday weeeee. At least it gives me something todo. Ok well if anything new happens i'll let you know.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Things are going great

Well now that I've played with my new computer a bunch I can sit down and blog. The weather has been great here since the damn huricane came through. We've had nice days that have been a bit warm and great mornings and afternoons. Last night it was down right chilly. Mike came up from Alabama for the weekend. We had a BBQ last night here at the apartments. We had a bunch of people from the complex. It was great. We stayed out until like one am.
I got my computer and installed my own ram, it works so I did some thing right.
My first week at school was rather unexciting, we had lab and class etc etc etc.. Really other than installing the ram myself and getting my computer nothing thrilling has been going on here. ok enjoy

Friday, September 02, 2005

Looks It's me

Looks It's me
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Me with my new hair, I'm still getting used to it but I love it.

My new Computer

My new Computer
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Well it isn't the best picture but here it is the new computer

New Computer

My new computer is great!!!!!!!!!!