Thursday, January 31, 2008

"there is a great disruption in the force"

Not to give away my super-geekie-ness. My chi, wah, zen, what ever you want to call that great leveling factor that guides my universe is so out of whack that I can't remember what day it is. To start off the Hub is in NC, and he must be having a hell of a good time blowing the hell out stuff with the last remaining 155 in north american because he hasn't called to check on me. My normal work pattern has be thrown off since I've started to visit DNA three days a week and was also pushed into conscripted chicken-killer service on tuesday. You don't want to know, but yes I had to kill them. Then the power went out ALL NIGHT. From about 6:30 um til like 10, no power, plus rain, plus not at the house with any food. That equals a hungry claire. To further disrupt the universe those who should not be here are, ie neighbor Tom. Back for two weeks of paper work fun, and getting muddy foot prints on my clean floors (I'm currently staring at one right now wonder how best to seek revenge). Then as the kindly voices of nashville public radio told me there was a chance of snow, I looked out me window and then got right back into bed. SNOW DAY!!!!! Thinking I might be a huge snow driving wussy right? Nope my other TN dwelling co-worker called and side not to even try, the cops were turning people around at the KY state line. yippie!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scarf Seasons

So for x-mas/birthday, leaning more toward birthday, Amanda got me a big ol'ball of yarn from Woodstock Wool Company. The yarn is called EGO and in the Lake Hill colorway. This is rather funny and she doesn't know it but I grew up in the Lake Hills area of Bellevue, Wa.

I'm making a 1X1 rib scarf mainly to give my fingers something to do while I get motivated for the year.

After much looking and looking I went to the MALL, the sole sucking mall to find new shoes. I've been nursing my pair of Dankso clogs for all they are worth and at two years they've about had it. They may be supper comfy but they are super ugly. I picked these

All the comfy and little of the cute.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodness, me

Well then, Since we last spoke I really haven't been up to much. We had a great New Year with Evan and Amanda, we enjoyed Krug with popcorn. To make sure they had a safe trip home we celebrated the new year a wee early, Chilean new year in fact. The following weekend, 4th, 5th and 6th the Hub and I headed north. Upstate New York, for a friend's wedding which was in great need of uniformed folk. It was a surprisingly fun time. I spent all week playing catch up from laundry and cleaning. This weekend was a complete waste with football and neighborly house cleaning plus a few minor home improvements. I did get a chance to make this.....

I wear it alot, a while I look like a knitwear muffin I LOVE IT. so poooo
Send a happy birthday Jen's way today too.


Yeah I have no good excuse for my delinquent-ness. Nothing. I've just been lazy and boring, but still here.