Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh thats right I have time now...

Well any whoooo. Without all that pesky studying to do I've actually had time to do things, but really haven't. In fact I've been frantically cleaning my home. Top to bottom. Its just generally grubby. Little dead bugs in the spots that you never really see, and dust. My place looks great. I still have a few big things to do. Like the Kitchen and the front closet. Lots of cleaning. I still debating if I want to mess with the move or not. For like 50ish bucks more a month I get a bigger place with a patio and big kitchen but I do have to move and moving is a bitch. Moving moving moving, yuck yuck yuck. Plus all that pesky address change. Today was the best, I finally cleaned the piss out of the office. Its sooooooooo clean so nice, actually able to leave the door open again!!!!! I need to get the bathroom finished too, I need to get some stuff for the bathroom because nothing matches in there and its driving me a little nutters. I want some pictures for the walls. Well then Its time to go to bed. Talk to you latter.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ipassed, IpassedIpassedIpassed

WEeeeeeee in true Ben Stine form my PASS come on the screen and I am a MED TECH!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Budgies a go-go

Well that has nothing to do with this post but it sounds good. SO I've been driving the mini almost everywhere I go these days. Learning to drive and drive and drive. Learn the art of turns and such. Still start to get panic-ie on hills, and don't maintain good petal pressure on the gas causing an almost stall. This is my problem. I'm working hard on it though. What else have I been up to. Went on a shopping spree in nashville for yarn, see soyouknit for those stories. Been studying very hard, hahaaaa. I should have know some leave dates by now but there has been some problems with como these days. Things beening how they are and such. Mmmmm things I've been doing things I've been doing. Today I slept because I worked last night. I got up and worked out and grocery shopped. Knitted and studyed. I also drove out to see Jen and safe her from the hell that was the last FRG meeting. At chuckie cheese. It wasn't pretty. Then we went for dinner. Adults should talk to adults. Small children also scare the crap out of me. I popped on over to Amanda's for tea and cookies and to watch some Daily show. It was good fun. Now I'm home watching tv and bloging. Wow what a life. Oh and Mike if you still read this thing, would you freakin email me. Nightie-night

Friday, July 14, 2006


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This is the one and only Eddie. My rescue mouse. He's a smart little guy who just likes to hang out and run around. His ears are healing from the burns he got while he was out. If you haven't heard eddie's story he was let go in the plants near my door. I scooped him up and stuck him in a box. He's got a nice little mouse house and he'll go to a great 6 year old I know, when she's home from her summer vaction.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Adventures in Driving Volume II

Soo after many many fowl words, very unlady like fowl words too, I felt good enough or stupid enough to take the mini out to some roads with street lights. So It wasn't to bad, I'm finding that magic place here the car stalls out and where it doesn't. Resisting the urge to floor it, when I have a chance to go, but I'm getting better. I didn't stall it, not like the first night I drove it. I got some good driving in, with some little hills, figured out about that, gotta find that magic clutch in clutch out spot. But over all I'm doing it. The jetta just in no where as fun to drive as the mini. Sorry Jetta. Not to mention there's nothing like driving a car that makes people smile when they see it. Well me and and mini with its limo tint windows are going to take the rest of the day off, and maybe just maybe if I'm silly enough I'll drive it work tomorrow.