Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday and a Fat lot of nothing

Yeah, sooooo lets see. Its fat tuesday and the last day of the month. Crazy, its already the end of the month. Though its has felt like nothing much has happened things are actually truley exciting, HAHAHAAA. Well then last night I had to corral a way ward cat. Tungstan managed to find his way out side via a pulled open front door. Stupid people. They can't seem to figure out the front of the building and so they pull on peoples front doors. Well thanx to an over load of weather stripping the lock didn't catch and one stupid person and doooom, out door cats. Well mr. cardon was toooo fat to get through the door. i was a little panicie because i didn't know how long that the door was open. i ran around and around yelling for kitties. Finally he showed him self, scared out of his little furry mind. I had to wrangle him inside, but when he heard his brother he ran right on in. By the time he made it in Dana was there and we got to work keeping kitties in. Well they did stay in. But most of monday was really uneventful. Work, drive, late, home. She can never get things straight, i don't know how hard it is after the first time you mess up. My weekend was pretty much a bust too, but I went to the grocery, woooooo. Today was another day of getting there late, and being freakin' bored. I spent the morning playing with antibodies in plasma, I played the cell game and it was fun. But there was a lot waiting around for things to incubate. I got a stick at another patient, it was good, two good sticks in two days. It is still fat tuesday as we speak, I had lunch up at the restaurant today because our cook is from LA, and he made great fat tuesday chow. I even got beads with out all the showing of body parts. Then back to the salt mines, ugh. Homeward, and then to going nothing, a bunch of nothing. So now then, Mike you have fun on that plane ride. Call when you get there. -ca

Friday, February 24, 2006

its been a long freaking week

So its been a really long week, a really long god damn week, and thank god its over. I missed monday because of the snow and i thought that would change the way the week went but no. There was serious emotional drama thanks to my car-pool mate. I was worn down before i could even give the week a chance. i was tired from tuesday on, wednesday was long, and then i went a knitting, which is where the fastfood came from. Thursday wasn't so bad, it look a while for 3 to get there and it was busy, freakin' busy. I guess the whole of city has found a reason to come to the hospitals ER and no one thought to bring a vein. I've been working my tail off, I've never had a tail really. Well then there was today, a day that dragged on like well, it dragged. They sent me home early, and it could have come soon enough. I feel like such a tool at work because i can't use the computer, so i'm no use to them. i just hang around breathing other peoples air. Got home and kicked around until Amanda and I went for a walk downtown and got a little shopping done. That was cool, I found a great sweater for nothing. Amanda found some great stuff too, I should go back to look harder. On the walk home we saw Dana and her mom so we went to dinner with them, yum yum. We went to the black horse, oooo got put the left overs away..... ok back. well then i've got knitting to do and csi to watch. Ok take care.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ugh, fastfood

Oh my god, I've eatten way too much crap this week and I've worked out either, yuck I feel soooo lumpie. So this is what its like to be a toad. Ok just wanted the world to know that my eatting habits has really gone down hill, I went throught the drive through and lost a fry in the car. UCK, soon it will look like a repo. Oh well then, night

Monday, February 20, 2006

weee snow day

So after complaining a bit about the weather having trouble with days of the week I get a day off. It was really icy last night and this morning so we didn't go in. Its nice, I'm still in bed, ok got up and then got back in, its sooooooo warm and happy here. I had a great weekend. Went and did just tons of useless shopping. Didn't really buy anything just looked and looked. I did finally get my new glasses which I love. They are great. I got some more yarn, did you hear that that was another whole in my head. I will make a sweater out of it and it was on clearance so i gave it a good home. I tried some great makeup on too. So its nasty out and I'm just happy to a day off that we should have had off any way because its freakin presidents day. But no seems to care. So now I get a three day unplanned weekend. Damn. I should fold all my clothes that I left in the drier last night. Plus do that grocery shopping that needed to be done and mmmm take out the garbage. Yeah this blog is worth reading. Talked with ross this morning and he's doing great. Damn its like nearly 9 my time so I should get off my ass on my way to doing something. k

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Originally uploaded by spotthedog13.
Look at how pretty the building looks in the snow. I trugged out there this morning to take this. Why are all the snow days on the weekend.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

They called it at 9:15

Today i saw death, the first time up close and personal. A car accident, and four untis of blood. There was nothing left. At 9:15 am they called it after working for well over an hour.

I just watched, and saw, and walked away. It was truely my first dead body I looked over my shoulder to see it one more time. It didn't phase me. It was death and it was there and I moved on.

needless to say it was a big day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

snow and sunshine in clarksville

So its not fear and loathing, but its close, and damn near as weird. So here i am at midweek seeing that no one has heard from me in a least a week. The brain crushing presure is gone and I'm two antibiotics away from cured. I stoped taking the pseoephedra because I was feeling the effects of it. Today I'm a little shakie, which also blame on those cursed pills. Any whoooo, my week was more wine and british tv, along with a trip to get new glasses which turned into a return trip for returning glasses. My new lenses are still on there way so I have yet to get them, but thank god for that thrity day love them or leave them thing. It makes my life sooooo nice. its been a long week at work and hell its only half done, but I am getting alot of study time in so that makes me feeeeel really good. I got FREAKIN' FLOWERS this weekend from my sweet and loving husband, they arrived on saturday from the fedex man and they made me cry I was soooo excited. Six white six red, not for valentines day but just because. The card made no metion of that vial hoilday that middle schoolers get there little undies in a wad about, stupids. Julia and i got margaritas and I enjoyed that fact that i could wear red and pink together with out strange looks. I've also had my hair cut. It looks cute, but a tad short, but hell its hair it grows. Mike popped by on Monday, hes off to the korea and it was great to see him. HEY mike, I know at some point your reading this, hes a regular blog reader. Well then, I should be off to do some neglected things around the apartment. Oh yeah, how good of a story does that senetor have now, "I was shot once, by the Vice president" it'll make a great moment in history to ad to that presidentional pretzel problem.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


So after working in the hospital for a month now, I have noticed a few things, and those things involve the people that come to visit the sick. These are the rules for visiting me, if I am to be hospitalized. No sweat pants, god for bid do not freaking wear god damn f-ing sweat pants. I don't care if its ass-3:30 in the morning no one is allowed to be seen in sweat pants. Please bath, I don't come in all yuckie and nasty to see me, trust me its never that urgent. Plus no one who works there wants to pass by your stinky arse in the hall. Please keep your mouth shut, this means no stupid questions when talking to the doctor, no being mean to anyone who comes to get blood, or any other fluid, and no saying dump stuff in the hall. Bring food, but not fast food. I've learned alot about the wide hospital world. Dress nicish, when visiting the hospital no matter where you are, even if your wife is going into labor. It makes the hospital a nicer place. Be clean, you are seen by many people who work hard and smell alot, they don't want to smell you too. The biggest thing is to make sure you get well, so ask what you can do to make them better, not why they do things. We take your blood because we need it to see if your well, we feed you because you need to eat. Don't eat crap, its what got you there in the first place. Your goal in life is to stay as healthy as you can as long as you can. Lay off the processed food, and smoking. Take a walk, to work, at work, around work, after work. Don't allow yourself to get stiff and old, it all does down hill from there. Also avoid the doctor for little things, cold, flu and other virus's, don't always except anitbiotics unless the doctor says they will help, and can prove it. The more you can take when you are really sick the better. Cipro doesn't solve any thing unless its really there. It only gives you the shits. Take your vitamins, kids chewable will work. Take extra c and B for your immune system. Not to preach to anyone, but since no one really reads this any way. Just stay out of the hospital if you can avoid it. I see so many people you are passed their prime much to early.
One more thing, please no mullets, keep all mullets away from me in the hospital, they are the worst.