Sunday, February 08, 2009

Just A Taste

All the regions have their special season. In the Northwest it's our late summers which cross into fall The days are as long and warm as they are going to get, and breeze off the sound is cool. By the time baseball calls it quits we're thrown into the short rainy days again. After four years I have come to love and long for a Tennessee spring. After an all but to short fall, we have winter with the ever changing cold to mild weather. Today the mini cooper told me it was 66 degrees! The wind is mild, the sun shining and the need for spring is very deep.
I picked these flowers up almost two weeks ago, during the snow storm. I had driven the Hub down to Nashville for his flight back to the 'stan in the snow. I wanted to do some grocery shopping while I was down there, so I went to my favorite place.... Trader Joes! They had loads of lovely flowers all waiting to go home.

I've been working away on my End to End scarf in Sundara Sock deadly nightshade,
End to End Scarf
I love knitting this pattern almost as much as I love this yarn.

Before Christmas I spent some time with my sewing machine and made this little box bag
Box Bag

If you'd like to make one of your own check out this Tutorial at Drago[knit]fly.

Oh and one more picture....
When Hell Froze Over
That's what I look like with straight hair!