Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yarn Blow out

This weekend was the annual fall Fiber Fair just outside of Nashville.



Lots of yarn, and lots of good food.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weekend Craft Blow-out!

This weekend was the crafty blow out weekend. I pulled out all the stops and got a bunch done. Knitting, no not so much, but crafty none the less.
I worked hard on Alissa's Halloween costume. Lots and lots of fabric, and lots and lots of skirt. I will not show the finished product. That's for Alissa to show. I spent lots of time cutting and sewing and piecing together.

I did get some yarn though. Three colors to make little crochet candy corns. They're very cute we had a test run at afternoon break. Trust me things like this can be done at afternoon break because they go fast and well we also, kinda, are a little slow getting back to work in the afternoon.

Between sewing I painted this weekend. I managed to finish some paintings to go into the bedroom.

I blocked Basic Black.

I also put a vanity together, from Target. It looks great and is super functional.