Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spend a night in the box

Ok so it wasn't a box and it wasn't all night either, it was the basement and it was for an hour. Around 4ish yesterday my police-lady neighbor came and told us that a thunderstrom was comming and we all need to go to the basement. It wasn't so bad, we rounded up frankie and got our computers plus I brought my knitting for something to do and we headed out, them down into the depthes of the apartment to join the others. Around 20 of us all stuffed down there with cats, a bird and one dog. It was kinda fun in a strange way, its a great way to get to know your neighbors. Well Ginger got the all clear from the scanner and we went back up, granted it rained for about 3 more hours after that and we had some really great lightening. Our foundation leaked a little so they'll come out and fix that for us, there was soooo much water and wind.
We had a thanksgiving party yesterday at school, I spent all lmorning getting stuff ready, we had 19 desserts and about 30 people showed up for this thing, it was really funny. Most of the food was yucky, about three greenbean things and some candied ones, BLECK. Turkey and Ham, plus some other strange things, needless to say it wasn't mine families eat till you puke kinda thanksgiving, and ended up working my ass off and wasn't even signed up to. Well I should think about getting ready for school I might have a long walk thanks to all the crap that come down in the wind. Ok Love CA

Friday, November 11, 2005

Silly Pat Robertson

Sooo, in PA they voted against "intellegnt Design", go figure people there understand that week didn't just pop into exsistance, well he warned them that they have made god angry by "rejecting" him and that they should expect a disaster. But see as how most of PA is a disater already, what else could happen to them. Well what else funny has happened in the world lately. Not much. There haven't been any loafs of bread in the road as of late, but amanda did have take a quick turn to avoid some rolling deer parts coming into her lane the other day. Schools a mess, because my teacher had her baby a month early had which has thrown everything out of sink. Ross and I moved the dinning room table into the living room and desk into the dinning nook so that we can use the table and watch TV because god forbid talk to each other. Well off to see the CA

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A seriously unproductive weekend

Is what I'm really hoping to have, but I don't think that I will. I've got hair to color, a baby shower to go to. A paper to work on, well its actually done I just need to proof it, Test to study for, and some laundry and a grubby bathroom worth cleaning. Needless to say I do actually have a rather full weekend of fun ahead of me. Ross had dinning in last night which is kinda a monumental frat party, but can sometimes be knida fun, his really wasn't. I'm watching Mia the cat for the weekend while dana goes camping with Joe, hahahahahaa, yeah I'm not one for the camping thing really any more. I really have nothing to talk about today, but I was temped to make fun of Mr Spear's bad rapping but I can't really think of anything to say, plus somehow it would be a waste of space. Ok goning to go work out, yuck.