Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Home and hanging in there. I'm going okay but rather sleepy. I have about 270 pictures from the trip, so I'm going to use this to say... NEW BLOG TIME! I love blogger but my new blog is very cool, links soon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

London Bound

So Hub and I are London bound this weekend, for just the weekend. I know this is silly but its our starter Europe trip. We didn't want to commit to a huge trip until we got the feel of things. Maybe europe won't agree with us (HA, yeah right) but we figured we'd feel things out first. We've got a bunch planned so far, the museum, a concert (oh that's Eric Clapton), and my person favorite a big trip to iKnit London. After hours pouring over the tube maps and the interactive map of london I managed to plan most of our trip via the underground, and scout out some super yummy noms. The big thing, knitting. All that time just sitting. It's a long flight people, nine hours!

Granted I'm going to sleep mostly there and I'm not afraid of a little niquil either, but the way back is a day flight and I'm going to have to find a way to keep busy. Now I can't get a straight answer about knitting needles on flights leaving Hethrow. They're web site says nothing about, no sharpish pointish sticks with yarn on them but I've heard from some people that they're banded. Alas what's a girl to do. In come the socks. Almost to the heel they can be knitting and finished on the "over there" flight. Then I'll start a whole new project on the flight back. The needles detached from the cord and stored with the pens in my messager bag, the cord wrapped up in my knit-kit. A big ball of yarn and a pattern all ready for the 9 and half hour haul back to the states. We'll see how things go.

BTW: Have you seen this thing about Cheesu, the cheeto that looks like Jesus! Its almost as good as the Nun Bun. Oh and this little guy was hanging on my window screen for about a half an hour.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


So after knit night on wednesday, I picked up a book that I've been oogling for some time now. I just couldn't wait anymore, since Hub was going through two loafs of bread a week.
I was busy for most of the rest of the week, between big birthday parties and my neighbor graduating from college!!! Which mind you is super cool. It was Saturday morning before I could get started on the bread.

It's not a starter or a sourdough, it a super wet dough that you just take hunks off of when you want to make some bread. If you've read Kitchen Confidential, then you'll understand why I'm calling it "the bitch".

My first attempt looked promising....
But it turned out looking like an alien loaf!
Alien loaf or not it was super yummy,
Then the second loaf was picture perfect!
I've already used up the first batch, bought a better bucket for the bitch and have tried another kind of bread. It grows on you!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


So the other night while Hub and I were getting ready for bed (we've been watching the first two season of "How I met your mother" for the last month or so) I asked him about when he was going to clean up the stuff that litters his side of the bed. He looked at me with that "HUH?" look. "BUT, its a low wide shelf!" "NO, it's the floor". Just a few days before, the last of his month-o-vacation, I had assigned two things. The light in the bathroom which has been broken since we bought the house, and to clean up the million and a half books on his night stand. Well both are still not done, but he just forgot. The diagnosis for this just up and plum forgetting, a serious case of manesia. Symptoms include, complete and udder forgetfulness of things which were complete important to you, forgetting of dates, why things happened, why things need to happen, forgetting to tell someone else something important, where things where put, what time something is going to happen at, with whom these things are going to happen with, whether or not it's clean or dirty, forgetting to remove wet things from a dry place. These are just a short list of symptoms of Manesia and they vary from man to man. For some a simple list with important tasks helps, other need electro shock therapy to help them remember. It's un curable but treatment does help. It is not contagious to females but when two or more men are within a six foot radius of each other they're individual forms of manesia converge into one, and as a group things like time and bodily functions are forgotten. Just continue to monitor them so that breathing continues and that they don't loose any eyebrows.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Computer

Well it's here and it's great!

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'll be back

I promise, I've got tons of pictures to share, projects and what not. The new computer is on the way my hard drive will be open!