Sunday, May 10, 2009


So after knit night on wednesday, I picked up a book that I've been oogling for some time now. I just couldn't wait anymore, since Hub was going through two loafs of bread a week.
I was busy for most of the rest of the week, between big birthday parties and my neighbor graduating from college!!! Which mind you is super cool. It was Saturday morning before I could get started on the bread.

It's not a starter or a sourdough, it a super wet dough that you just take hunks off of when you want to make some bread. If you've read Kitchen Confidential, then you'll understand why I'm calling it "the bitch".

My first attempt looked promising....
But it turned out looking like an alien loaf!
Alien loaf or not it was super yummy,
Then the second loaf was picture perfect!
I've already used up the first batch, bought a better bucket for the bitch and have tried another kind of bread. It grows on you!


Anonymous said...

am at work, the first two photos aren't showing up. I clicked on one to see if I could pull up a larger version...blocked by Sonic Wall, category "nudism".

What the heck kind of bread book did you buy?! I think I must see it...


Lacey said...

Yours looks yummy too! I have a bread machine and my man lives off of cinnamon rasin bread. The recipe is for a bread machine, but let me know if you want to give it a try.