Thursday, June 29, 2006

Adventures in Driving Volume I

Well now then... I got my cooper after some work. A little here and little there, and then boom no more passat Hello Cooper. It took all day but its mine now. The Mini as you can see is a fantastic color, and about the same color of my hair. It also has about 20% tints and black leather sooooooo when stopped at a light and having a cop behind me, guess what happened. Um yeah, BIG HUGE LIGHT!!!!!!! I got lit up by a cop at like 9pm driving the mini with my friends in it. Seeing as I'm not a native stick driver, I'm still stalling it at least once each time I drive it. But I did drive it down town for dinner. Everytime i drive it I love it, but it also freaks me out. So my dream car is mine now. Weeeeeeeeeee

my Mini

my Mini
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Look this is my Mini, Yes my mini all mine!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper S!
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Ok so today in a moment of complete boredom and risking life and limb Evan and I went to test drive a mini cooper. Yes thats right a mini cooper. The car I have always wanted. A red velvet metalic 5 speed mini. I DROVE A 5 SPEED. The guy all but told Evan to take me to the nearest parking lot and show me how to drive the Damn thing, and that we did. So In one day I test drove my dream car, drove my first 5 speed, and latter in the day went 110mph on the freeway not in the mini. Um but we won't talk about that. So now I'm hooked on getting a 5 speed. I loved it. Theres nothing like having that kinda control over your car. I also loved the car. They wanted a bit more than I would give them for it so I'll have to talk them down. Oh well. Its not an S but its not a bad car. Thats the big news for the day. Amanda and Evan and I went to see the Omen after we had some Starbucks, than some late night wendy's salads and a good bottle of wine. God we're odd folks but its fun. I'm just thrilled about my learning to drive a stick. Think happy mini thoughts. CA

Friday, June 23, 2006

When Budgies Knit

When Budgies Knit
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This is what happens when budgies knit. You get crazy things. Beautiful but crazy things. Like 25 inches of a 35 inch baby blanket that needs to be done in like 4 weeks. Em can you hold on just a bit longer. Oh hell it should be done by the time Gabe comes along. Ok. Well its like 12 am and I should go to bed.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Look a white Bible

Look a white Bible
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This is from my Graduation from MED Tech school. Isn't it a cute little white bible. Hahahaaaaaaa. Reminds me of high school. hahahaaaaa.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lou Diamond Philips

Soooo.... I've interupted my morning knitting to blog. Why, because its wednesday and as it turns out on Wednesday from 8-3pm I can watch x-files on the Sci-fi network. Yes I'm admitting to it. But as I watch I've discovered that Lou Diamond Philips has stared in ever last one of there made for TV movies. Just thought that was kinda odd and funny. Ok back to your regularly scheduled knitting.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally Friday..........

Well its not actually Friday but it feels like it me. I worked three days straight. All 36 hours at once. It was great to get it done, but it also sucked. Really freaking sucked. Mmmmmm what has happened since monday, oh yeah NOTHING. I haven't been awake or not working long enough to do anything. I took out some garbage, slept a lot. I even did a little yoga. But just once. Tomorrow I'll really work out. So did you see this thing on CNN about the women who beat the dog breader with a dead dog. Then as she drove away hung the dead dog out of the sun roof. Its sad and funny at the same time. Not to mention that while I was watching tv there's a rock paper, scissors event that will be on TV. I think AandE is starting to loose sight of the arts and entertainment thing. Oh well. Strange things.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hell might have frozen over......

Yes thats right. I went and lounged by the pool in the sun in my swim suite and I didn't burn. We're talking like 4 hours of sun exposure. Granted I don't have a tan to show for it but I'm just proud I didn't burn. So I worked a bunch this week, which has been educational and fun at the same time. I've also learned that I'm ok at 3am, 4 isn't usually a good time but 3 not bad. So about the pool thing, yeah so that was odd, I've never been a lay in the sun and do nothing kinda person. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. But it wasn't a bad time. I headed out to dinner with my friend Caryn that night and then back home for a few beers and a movie. Today was short on sleep and long on doing nothing. So I should round up my study stuff for the week.