Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the pool is open

Mmmm so today it was freaking hot, at least for me it was. But after sleeping until 1030, I worked last night, I got up and did nothing all morning. Well it was well into the afternoon when I went to the pool and after sitting in the hot sun I was convinced to get my new bathing suite on and get in the pool. This was a big step for me and my super winter white legs. Well after a good coat of sun screen I braved the pool and floated around with a pina colada for the rest of the afternoon. It was well worth it. I my spend more time pool side this summer. Tomorrow brings a passport photo, a notary and a trip to dickson, I'll tell you all more about it later.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Well its all finally over, school that is. I graduated last night in a not so pompous ceremony. It was short sweet and to the point. Now that I have nothing left to do with my time but knit and study, with a little house cleaning thrown in for good measure, I plan on resuming my constant bitching...so here goes......WHOOOO GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT.....Brad Pitt and whats her butt with the big lips. I don't. Between them and their damn baby, which if you haven't noticed is the coolest new fashion accessory since a cell phone, and being going on and on and on about brittney's stupid kid I just wana scream. Just what we need here, another kid. Just the world needs is a nother spoiled stupid named child. Grrrrrrrrr. Ok ok, well any way. Enough of that. Weather has been down right fun here this past week, almost too hot days with great thunderstorms all night. Yes all night... when I got awakened at mmm 11:56 by a text message... "still awake?" WELL I AM NOW JUST CALL DAMN IT. The lightening was great. My plants are watered and then they get sun, what more could my little citrus bush want!!!! I got lovely flowers from my inlaws yesterday, so now I have a fanstatic Pink flower arrangement to look at. Its very nice. Today brings nothing, completely nothing, if I don't want to do it. But I should. I should go to the library seeing as I can now. OOOo I can walk to the library thats a great Idea. Well its coming up on lunch and I haven't knitted at all yet, oh check out my knitting blog if you care to www.ohsoyouknit.blogspot.com it were all my knitting stuff will go, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to...oh and speaking of reading things......MIKE EMAIL ME. Have a lovely friday.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

OH Great Scott......

Well now then, its been a wild few days. Well not for me, but for those who ride in the car with me. She's currently toting a second very weeee, very weee passanger. I went to work last weekend and it was nice. It wasn't that bad at all, a little pushie and little odd because I can't result anything so Kathy was a little stressed out. Though I actually graduate on thursday I don't know how things will work out. We had another strange and shitty week and work. We got questions answered with more questions and just general shit. My Friend liz left for BNOC this week so we hung out every evening, her Dana and I. But don't forget the puppie. Friday was kinda a crapper but I did get a chance to watch my movies and just relax on my sofa. My computer crashed and burned, so i had to bring it back up. I'm going to have to complete erase and reinstall. Oh factory settings. This morning we had some pancakes down at Linda's Pick a Rib. Mmmmmm great food. Its been threating to let loose all day with a great big Thunder storm. Long rumbles but no real rain. I went and got some more summer clothes, just a few shirts and a new wallet thingie. Generally I've done nothing today. I've got a dinner to go to soon, that should be good. Well then.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


No I haven't turned into a pirate, but I'm close to something. Not sure what it is. I've been to work, to the state lab, to seattle, to the state lab and then this weekend to work again. I'm tired and my glasses keep falling down on my nose. AHHHHHHHHH. there they go again. Other than being stressed, I had a great time in seattle. My flights were good, they went to Denver which was great. Its the perfect half way point, 2.5 hour and 2.5 hours. No real food, but what do you want for 200 bucks. While I was home, we ate a bunch of food which is great!!! Ate at Salty's with the grandparents, that'll stress anyone out. Enjoy great weather is seattle which is crazy. Went home to TN on sunday and it was a whole day of flying but it wasn't so bad. This week has been a long and crappy one. We've been forgotten, ignored and left out to dry. I'm done with it. In fact we have tomorrow, which thankfully is friday, a full week and then one tuesday until we're freeeeeee. Free of APSU, free of school and free of royal crap forever. I can't wait. No more school, until I get my masters. Yes I'll get my masters, oh good lord I said that i'd never go back to school....and here I am planning for more. Its the food talking, i've eaten a bunch of chili this week and its starting to make me acted crazy. Well then, tomorrow's friday, and then a weekend of fun and games at the hospital. Weeeee. I'll let you all know how that goes..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Twice the BS

no its not twice the shit, but twice the crap yes. I was told that I was cleared to get my second BS from Austin Peay. That will make me BSM BSMT, wooooooooo whooooooo!!! No that just means that they'll want me to be a shift supervisor, DAMN. Well lets seeee, I've been to state lab all last week, after the super fun night weekend of rivers and spires. Then on friday night I stayed up well past my normal 11 pm bed time, actually until 230 so that I could sleep in until 10 am. I had a good reason, I went to work for the first time. I worked from 2p-2a. This wasn't quite as long as I thought it was going to be. I thought for sure that this would drag on and on but it wasn't bad. Left work at 2 got home at 3 went to bed at 330, totally crapped out. Talked to Ross for about 10 minutes though, which was good. Then I slept until 10 and did it all over again. Actually I got to leave at 10pm so I could get up and go to the state lab and dink around there. SO I managed to have an unproductive weekend. I did get all my laundry and such done on friday night. That also encluded finishing that freaking purple top that I've been knitting for about a decade. The next time I make something like that, I'll take better notes. IT only sorta fits. Today was a really yawner, yet again another thrilling day at the state. Did take a nice walk around and around the building at lunch, more people should do this. Tomorrow I head home for a few days, I'm thrilllllled about this, I leave right after work!!!!!!!!!! In fact I'm down right gitty about it. I hope the weather does well for me. Well then its getting to be bed time. Night