Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Days and Down Pours

Yeah Katrina hit, like a brick around 3 am this morning. The roof leaked the wind blew the power went out for a minute or two. In all the cancled my morning class and I had Micro in the afternoon. Yesterday was my first day back to school after my two weeks of doing nothing much. I cleaned quite a bit over my break. Just getting some stuff out of the way that drove me crazy, dirty floors and such. I learned at I'm over eduacated and down right thin in this part of the country and that scared me because I still watch cartoons. Went and saw the brothers Grimm this weekend, cute and funny with lots of fun little extra's in the back to make you notice. I liked it. Feeling goood. School is skool. It seems as though I'm just going through the motions and haven't learned much of anything nor retained from summer school. In the end its what you learn from the intership that makes the degree and then if you can get a real job. The rain came a went and we still have the wind, which is nice it's almost a nice temparture outside, I can't wait for fall. Well need to prep for school tomorrow, gotta make a lunch and stuff.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Even better new for spot

So get this, some one wants to buy Spot, so he's off to a new loving home. The new spot will be here with in the week. I can hardly wait. Don't know when but soon.
Crazy thunderstorms today. I had to drive in it. I don't think I should have driven but I really didn't have a choice in the matter the car would just steam right up if I stoped. I drove with the windows down some.
Well my vacation had come to a close and it's rather sad, back to school on Monday. Plus I lost a .5lbs this week and an inch from my waist. This GI diet is working I think. MMMM Fiber. Ok -Claire

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good news for Spot

Spot arrived at his final destination yesterday afternoon. Soon a new spot will be here to take his place but even better I have a web site that will make him in to a fish tank for me!!!! Just think I can haul spots lifeless shell around for years to come, with fish!!! I can see Ross cringing now. Well keep everyone up to date.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Yeah I know it's been awhile

But..... it's been a sad time for me, see spot died. He lived a good life and you'll all be comfortered in the knowlegde that I was with spot until he died, he went peacefully in a power outage. I boxed him up and sent his body back to home, to Brian at Touchtech in renton where the final autopsy will be preformed and then he will have his organs donated to other computers in need. But spot will live on in a new computer a new thinner model, a 14" ibook. I haven't really though much about blogging as of late. I had a bunch of tests in the first two weeks of August and now I have two weeks off then I begin classes again on the 29th poooo. Thats ok they are for sure the last classes I will most likely ever have to take again in my life, unless I go and do something crazy like get my masters or something. odd. Looks like another thunderstorm is comming. When I get my new Spot I'll let everyone know. love claire and the ghost of spot which is haunting my apartment until he can find a new mac to inhabit the iPod is a bit cramped.