Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Days and Down Pours

Yeah Katrina hit, like a brick around 3 am this morning. The roof leaked the wind blew the power went out for a minute or two. In all the cancled my morning class and I had Micro in the afternoon. Yesterday was my first day back to school after my two weeks of doing nothing much. I cleaned quite a bit over my break. Just getting some stuff out of the way that drove me crazy, dirty floors and such. I learned at I'm over eduacated and down right thin in this part of the country and that scared me because I still watch cartoons. Went and saw the brothers Grimm this weekend, cute and funny with lots of fun little extra's in the back to make you notice. I liked it. Feeling goood. School is skool. It seems as though I'm just going through the motions and haven't learned much of anything nor retained from summer school. In the end its what you learn from the intership that makes the degree and then if you can get a real job. The rain came a went and we still have the wind, which is nice it's almost a nice temparture outside, I can't wait for fall. Well need to prep for school tomorrow, gotta make a lunch and stuff.

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