Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

awww the weekend

The weekend has come again, and gone again. But then again I really don't have weekends. I worked on friday but had yesterday and today to enjoy. It wasn't so bad. I went on a crazy shopping spree yesterday, buy all sorts of wild things like a jewelry box and a magazine. CRAZY!!! The jewelry box was from tj maxx too so it was dirt cheap. Amanda and I went out and about yesterday while Evan did car silliness. We did stop by Hodgepodge, Paige's store downtown, and showed off our knitting. Amanda has a baby hat pattern thats make you wana puke cute and I have my standard felted purse. She wants prices and then some to sell. I'm all excited because she's got some great purses that she just got in that are really fantastic and I WANT ONE!!!! We headed out after the car silliness was done to see how well the subie drove, and went to dinner. After dinner we drank wine and laughed until the kitties looked at funny playing balgerdash. Today was a big day of doing not much. Getting up and working out. Lots of knitting, and cleaning. The fish got a clean tank....sooooooo very clean too. Eddie got a clean bin, and he's been running around and around in his wheel all evening making me look bad. Yes i still have eddie, i was hoping to be rid of him by now but since i can't seem to pawn him off on people I'm stuck with the little guy. I've been busy knitting for the passed few hours. Its now time for a cup of tea and more knitting.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Must blog.....must blog

So I just checked cnn to find out that the most annoying POW ever the one and only Jessica Lynch is knocked up by her boyfriend. I'm glad she got out the army before she did it. Good lord people, stop breeding. STOP!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hungry Budgies

Hungry Budgies
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While we where in seattle we went to the Woodland park Zoo and feed the birds there. You get a little stick with bird seed and about four birds who get the idea come over and get all the seed. It was fun. We also checked out the other animals but we didn't stay too long, because the yuppy moms and dads were starting to make us crazy.