Friday, May 30, 2008

Fiber Fair (not Prunes)

When asked last week, "soooo Claire what are you doing this weekend?", "Fiber Fair" I say. By bench-mate goes back to her work "Really?", "yeah". Streak a few more e.coli. "Fiber, like, fiber?" , "yeah fiber, like alpaca, and sheep". BUSTS OUT LAUGHING. My dear bench-mate was a little confused. She was thinking prunes and dates, not wool and sheep. Now I can't stop a giggle when I say "fiber fair". I see a bunch of little old ladies trying out the newest in prune ice cream. But enough stories about peristaltic action, PICTURES


Hair cut

Fuzzy Bunny

Just watching

We followed the fiber with plants and a quick trip to Boobies Diner in Charlotte.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A wheel I could Love

I've been resisting the urge to buy a wheel, hell to even spin. I have a drop spindle that I bought a year plus ago and it was used about twice and then stuffed away. The sheer cost of wheel has kinda put me off, and that I really didn't want to pay for something I wasn't thrilled with. Either too busy, too big or just down right ugly I have never seen a wheel that combined usefulness and beauty (the way I see it). I grew up with a cabinet maker for a dad, everything from the bedside tables to the bathroom vanities where custom and beautiful. This weekend at the Fiber Fair I was smitten. The Schacht Matchless, but at the cost I nearly fell over. To my joy there is a little baby Schacht much like the MINI Cooper. DB is all BMW under the hood and affordable fun on the outside. The Ladybug will be mine by the end of the summer.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Why Hello!

While watering the tomatoes and the pepper...

Hello Little Tomato

Behind a leaf

They've grown since I took those pictures last night.
Tomorrow, The Dickson Fiber Fair, and we're not talking Prunes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

OH Baby!

We've got a cases of the babies around these parts. I can count 4 mama's to be, and 2 more who just popped. Baby knitting is one of those great things, little cute projects that don't use much yarn and don't require a soul sucking amount of time. Recently the draw of the Peaches and Cream was just too much for me.

Winterberry, Fiesta ombre and Earthtone. The Fiesta Ombre will become a shopping tote so I may do away with my sad plastic grocery bag turned lunch box.

HeartBreakingly Cute Baby Kimono, from the Mason*Dixon Knitting Book. Finish products plus their recipients to come soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The spoils of war

Its been a busy week. Since we last spoke I've gotten lots done. Nothing really important, I haven't replace the broken mirror or saved any animals but just the little things that make you feel like you really, just really are getting some where. Saturday was to be the neighborhood block party but it was canceled due to the threat of inclement weather. Bummer. This at least freed me up too work on the floor beds that where in dire need of attention. Weeding and new plantings did the trick. Fresh mulch arrived today to finish things off around the grass patch. The inclement weather, I hope you didn't forget about that, it came. The wind blew ALL sunday. Not joking. My freshly freed, from little white packages, tomatoes spent their first full day battling the wind.

They came through and are happily soaking in the sunshine on the back deck as we speak.

DB had his appointment on tuesday. We needed down to the Nashville to stake our claim to a comfy chair. You'd think that when you own a car that can only be serviced in one place that they'd have more seating for you, and all the other nut jobs who bought german auto's too. After spending most of my teenage years aboard the public metro I love a good wait, so to spent the afternoon knitting and drinking free starbucks until my bladder bursts is like old times. I was not disappointed. For starters there was a fellow who was slumped over his clutched briefcase snoring. If this wasn't a strange enough sight for you, another guy was giving me the "ewwwie" eyeball about every 10 minutes. The rich white kid next to me with rasta dreads followed closely by the two blond girls who fell out of MTV's The Hills. One who's pants were so tight she had to walk funny. Now I adopted DB, a lost orphaned MINI abandoned by his owner for a VOLKSWAGON. While at the BMW place I have to contend with brand new buyers. The kind of people who order their autos. I applied all of my charms and just about lunch time, the MINI guy snagged me and stuffed a loaner key into my hand and told me hit the road. I lunched, I shopped, I cookie-ed (lemon ice cookie). I returned to claim my little DB and go home. And back to work.

Thursday brought a new ID card and my new shoes!

Thanks to a big ankle sprain in the 7th grade I have a issue with supination. As I'm getting older I'm begin to get heal pain and well no one wants that. So in steps the "old lady" shoes. The Dansko's are a nice combination of old lady and cute that I can live with.

The final arrival of goodness this week, a little envelope in the mail, with chicken scratch handwriting. I made out my name and address, and the senders. MIKEY! The Hub has know him since he was 14, me since I was 15-ish. He went to high school and college with us. My spoils from a war zone.

The lapis I think will become a necklace, the bracelet is already on.

The rest of friday brings, five yards of bark, baby knitting for the some 4 pregnant women I know who are going to pop in the next two weeks, and the adult beverage of choice on spring evenings.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Working away

With the Dickson Fiber Fair just days away, like 14 or something, I've been working away on my "Something Red" sweater. I really don't need a red sweater but I really need a black v-neck. And I know that knitting in black seems to defeat the purpose and all that jazz but I'll wear the crap out of it.

With just a few more inches on the body, I'll be working on those sleeves very soon. Mostly while I'm waiting for the front bushings on the Cooper to be replaced. They call us "waiters" and we get lunch and all the coffee we can drink while we wait for them to fix our over priced german (or British in the coopers case) autos. We mini's are the red headed step children of the BMW world.

I love bugging them.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Budgie Bribery

I wanted some bird pictures so I got out the big lens and sat at the dinning room table....