Thursday, January 26, 2006

Its been a long week

Hell it isn't even in friday yet, and i think I might just keeel over. I have a cold, which is the worst killer of man, and I just rather tired. I'm trying to make it through the week. I kinda stare off into space alot at work. Though I will say that I'm working really hard, even when I tired. I'll be moving on to another section of the lab soon and that makes me feel good, I do enjoy the chemistry section but I'm poooped and the chem section has about warn it self out. I have no one to bitch about today, but then I haven't been feeling at the top of my bitching game as of late, plus no celebs have been doing anything sooo moronic that I had to say something about it. I will say that the white trash at the hospital is impressive. I will say that I feel good never having to use the ER as my healthcare. Plus I will make it my personal goal to never go to the ER for something that I know isn't a real emergancy, like feeling light headed. Hell I get up to fast and I feel light headed, its not really a reason to clog up the system. Ugh. Well i should eat some dinner, even thought I have no real desire to get up from my warm comfie seat. Well enjoy.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

a comment on society

So as I was watching my friends cat I was reading her copy of Us Weekly, and I was shocked at how painful it was. It was the most childish and shallow thing I've I read. Seventeen has more to it. All it was was pictures of stars and there new favorite charm, children, and little quips about them. It was sad. Not to mention that the need to be so freakin skinny is really to much for me. They all lookf gross, too skinny and nasty. I really think that if this a reflection of our current society its rather sad. We need to get better magazines out in the world so that other contries don't see us this way.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pam the silicone has gone to your head

So Pam Anderson the smartest tool in the shed, found out, some how seeing as hes been dead my whole life, that Col. Sanders of KFC was mean to chickens. And that beeing said has made it life surrent mission to get his bust removed from the KY capitol. DOES ANYONE GIVE A SHIT. Not I. The fact that there are children alllllll over this country that are constantly being abused and neglected doesn't seem to bother this blond twit but some chickens treated poorly about 50 years ago does. FUCK YOU PAM, thats what I have to say to you, to hep C carring twit. But then PETA is behind it all and since they KNOOOOOW everything about animals and that animals are sooooooooo much more important then children lets all get behind Ms. Pam and give damn about KY and there chicken problem. I'm not saying I don't like chickens in fact they are quite good, but I do love animals but really people reallllllly. I Can't believe her, she has Hep C it will kill her and she's not out there telling kids not to screw around with strange people and get it, nope haven't seen much of that now have we, and hey lady, chicken livers don't work in humans.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Liar, liar pants on fire

Well now then, people if you have your arms all up and your panties in a wad about the guy who wrote "a million little pieces" I would like to remind you that its call FICTION for a freaking reason, if you want the truth read non fiction people, non fiction. And why may I ask you is this even new, there are some other really big problems that are worth covering. You pick them but Anglenia and Brads illbegoten child and who wrote what about who for how many cookies isn't really that important, but then again if some shmuck didn't write about it then I wouldn't have anyone to make fun of now would I.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where do the weekends go

I wonder where, where in the world do they go. Maybe I should get earlier and then they woudn't disapear like that. Its been kinda warm here in Old clarksville which makes you wonder, is summer here already. Sooo this weekend I really haven't done much of anything. I cleaned and cleaned and then forgot to take out the garbage before it got dark so well it can wait until tomorrow. Its not going to stink any more. Did go see the RInger with Johnny Knoxville, It was great. It was such a cute movie I don't think that it needed the cheesy love story but it was great to see all the special olympics kids and they were great actors too. Other than that my weekend has basically been a huge waste but hell some times we need a good waste. I should be getting to bed, since the morning comes really quick when its 4 15. Take care you all. CA

Thursday, January 05, 2006

F'ing Pat Robertson

That f- wad, always saying stupid shit. Saying that God smote Mr. Sharon. Yeah, that freaking vengeful god, killing people because they "divided the holy land" last time I checked we can't prove anyone lived there, nor that we've even divided it. Until God him self comes on down and says, you there palistininas, and hey jews stop it. You all worship me, thats right me, the same god, nothing with change. At least until them I'll always have some one to laugh at, thanx again Pat for a quick laugh and making me angry. Im sure you'll open you big, dumb, southren mouth again and say something that will get you smoted, because it says in that thing that you are thumbing, that you should not judge, the big man gets to do that and you not him.

stick shifts and safty belts

Yes you need one when you drive with someone who uses the other. Not my driving week so I'm braving the trip to work daily. Well about that, I'm in a chemistry rotation this month and its fun, I love it. On monday we weren't need and on tuesday we read manuels and finally on wednesday the learning began. I can enter and run samples plus I spend much of my time working on get the blood to where it needs to go and the other part studing in my book. Its good. I'm rather tired because I now get it at about 4;15, mmm thats great. I take my shower get my hair kinda dry and drive to my friends house so that I can carpool. Its killing me. Frankie is talking to me right now. Its really funny, hes been really lonely because I've been gone so much. Its good though. I really feel like I'm doing something rather that just sleeping and going to school for like 3 hours a day. The getting up isn't sooo bad but is not my favorite thing on the planet. I could go to bed right now if I wanted to but no no must stay up its only like 5 pm for me. They said there might be snow but that isn't happening anytime soon. Ok well I've got some stuff to do, I should be getting new applances today.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

yes second blog of the day

UGH, so since I've had nothing to do for the last 3 days I've watched alot of tv and seen a lot of ads fot crap and if I have to say the worst ads are the ones for christan rock. The only thing I think of is Dogma when he says, "The shit that gets carried out in is name." Its shit the worst kind too. The big guy him self is covering his ears and wondering, why don't you people get a life. Ugh, double Ugh. All these people with there eyes closed singing the words, crap people its not that moving. Ok thats my first rant of the new year, just wait there will be plenty more.

The first day-o-the year

Well here it is folks 2006, does it feel any different, nope. After staying up until, wait for it 10 pm. Can you believe it . I tried and failed to get up at a slighly earlier than 8 am but no luck. I have to get up at 5;30 tomorrow so I was really trying to be really tired tonight. I chose to yoga this morning and my abs will hate me tomorrow. MMM yesterday I cleaned frankies super pooopie cage and he was very happy about it. Then after that I cleaned the bathroom, logical progressions. That was about the extent of my excitement yesterday. Today was about as thrilling. I took down my christmas tree, it was really easy. Currently I'm watching tv and there is this really weird brit selling this omlet maker thing, it flips up the sides. Its quite creapy. HE is too, very creapy. Well thats over with now. I almost want to see the add again, just to see if its for real. The weather was been rather nice, nice and sunny and slighly warm but with a breeze. I don't think it will last. Tomorrow it will be a balmy 68 but we're in for a great tunderstorm sweet. I should get a move on in the knitting world, I have about 10 baby hats to knit for the up coming baby bombardment. Ok you all have fun.