Thursday, January 26, 2006

Its been a long week

Hell it isn't even in friday yet, and i think I might just keeel over. I have a cold, which is the worst killer of man, and I just rather tired. I'm trying to make it through the week. I kinda stare off into space alot at work. Though I will say that I'm working really hard, even when I tired. I'll be moving on to another section of the lab soon and that makes me feel good, I do enjoy the chemistry section but I'm poooped and the chem section has about warn it self out. I have no one to bitch about today, but then I haven't been feeling at the top of my bitching game as of late, plus no celebs have been doing anything sooo moronic that I had to say something about it. I will say that the white trash at the hospital is impressive. I will say that I feel good never having to use the ER as my healthcare. Plus I will make it my personal goal to never go to the ER for something that I know isn't a real emergancy, like feeling light headed. Hell I get up to fast and I feel light headed, its not really a reason to clog up the system. Ugh. Well i should eat some dinner, even thought I have no real desire to get up from my warm comfie seat. Well enjoy.

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