Thursday, January 05, 2006

stick shifts and safty belts

Yes you need one when you drive with someone who uses the other. Not my driving week so I'm braving the trip to work daily. Well about that, I'm in a chemistry rotation this month and its fun, I love it. On monday we weren't need and on tuesday we read manuels and finally on wednesday the learning began. I can enter and run samples plus I spend much of my time working on get the blood to where it needs to go and the other part studing in my book. Its good. I'm rather tired because I now get it at about 4;15, mmm thats great. I take my shower get my hair kinda dry and drive to my friends house so that I can carpool. Its killing me. Frankie is talking to me right now. Its really funny, hes been really lonely because I've been gone so much. Its good though. I really feel like I'm doing something rather that just sleeping and going to school for like 3 hours a day. The getting up isn't sooo bad but is not my favorite thing on the planet. I could go to bed right now if I wanted to but no no must stay up its only like 5 pm for me. They said there might be snow but that isn't happening anytime soon. Ok well I've got some stuff to do, I should be getting new applances today.

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