Thursday, January 05, 2006

F'ing Pat Robertson

That f- wad, always saying stupid shit. Saying that God smote Mr. Sharon. Yeah, that freaking vengeful god, killing people because they "divided the holy land" last time I checked we can't prove anyone lived there, nor that we've even divided it. Until God him self comes on down and says, you there palistininas, and hey jews stop it. You all worship me, thats right me, the same god, nothing with change. At least until them I'll always have some one to laugh at, thanx again Pat for a quick laugh and making me angry. Im sure you'll open you big, dumb, southren mouth again and say something that will get you smoted, because it says in that thing that you are thumbing, that you should not judge, the big man gets to do that and you not him.

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