Friday, January 13, 2006

Pam the silicone has gone to your head

So Pam Anderson the smartest tool in the shed, found out, some how seeing as hes been dead my whole life, that Col. Sanders of KFC was mean to chickens. And that beeing said has made it life surrent mission to get his bust removed from the KY capitol. DOES ANYONE GIVE A SHIT. Not I. The fact that there are children alllllll over this country that are constantly being abused and neglected doesn't seem to bother this blond twit but some chickens treated poorly about 50 years ago does. FUCK YOU PAM, thats what I have to say to you, to hep C carring twit. But then PETA is behind it all and since they KNOOOOOW everything about animals and that animals are sooooooooo much more important then children lets all get behind Ms. Pam and give damn about KY and there chicken problem. I'm not saying I don't like chickens in fact they are quite good, but I do love animals but really people reallllllly. I Can't believe her, she has Hep C it will kill her and she's not out there telling kids not to screw around with strange people and get it, nope haven't seen much of that now have we, and hey lady, chicken livers don't work in humans.


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