Sunday, January 01, 2006

The first day-o-the year

Well here it is folks 2006, does it feel any different, nope. After staying up until, wait for it 10 pm. Can you believe it . I tried and failed to get up at a slighly earlier than 8 am but no luck. I have to get up at 5;30 tomorrow so I was really trying to be really tired tonight. I chose to yoga this morning and my abs will hate me tomorrow. MMM yesterday I cleaned frankies super pooopie cage and he was very happy about it. Then after that I cleaned the bathroom, logical progressions. That was about the extent of my excitement yesterday. Today was about as thrilling. I took down my christmas tree, it was really easy. Currently I'm watching tv and there is this really weird brit selling this omlet maker thing, it flips up the sides. Its quite creapy. HE is too, very creapy. Well thats over with now. I almost want to see the add again, just to see if its for real. The weather was been rather nice, nice and sunny and slighly warm but with a breeze. I don't think it will last. Tomorrow it will be a balmy 68 but we're in for a great tunderstorm sweet. I should get a move on in the knitting world, I have about 10 baby hats to knit for the up coming baby bombardment. Ok you all have fun.

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