Sunday, August 24, 2008

No good reason.

I admit it, I have had no good reason not to blog. No major events, no trips to Europe, no pressing projects that required every second of spare time I could find. Nope just me being lazy and one two hour phone after another. It seems like every night for the last 2 weeks and been me fielding calls or running around like a recently beheaded poultry. My eye appointment (which thankfully was a big NO CHANGE, because I have currently have 3 pairs of glasses and a pair of Rx sunglasses) took well over an hour. I had veg to round up since it was a veg thursday, and right as I undid my pants to finally change into some comfy clothes, PHONE! Turns out that some times its ok, since it was the Hub.
I have been knitting, still on the basic black and the storks nest lace. I've been cooking, mac and cheese for work, chicken for neighbors. I've been burning myself on the bbq and cutting fingers while making pasta salad. We hit Nashville yesterday for some new furniture and a little clothes shopping, funny how boys are worse then girls when they actually get into the shopping groove.
Besides all this silly stuff I also caught some pictures of the Humming Birds. I was super busy last week and didn't get to fill the feeder ONE DAY, just one. When I finally filled it up it didn't empty I found out why..
Meet Bruno
I have a watch-bird. He sits, he waits, he drinks, but don't try anything this feeder is only his.
Bruno keeps an eye out

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ah Sundays... Since I didn't get a move-on until noon I felt I should make up for it. I cleaned out the old veg bin. Since we've (Jen, Blue-Bird, and I) have been getting our bi-monthly organic veg bin I've been struggling to eat all of it. Its just me here these days and I'm lucky if I make dinner let alone prepare a veg to go with it. So I rooted around in the cupboards and in the crisper, pull out everything that looked like it was still half alive and cut it up.
Then it all went into a pot with the some chicken stock....
Summer Kitchen Sink Soup
BOOM, soup is born. I hope it turns out ok. Besides soup I've been knitting too.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I think I just fell off the wagon. The great big diet adventure (GBDA) only really lasted a good week before a stood up and the fell off. Lots of reasons none of them good enough to justify my lack of mental fortitude that I've been exhibiting. I lost about 2 pounds and forgot to post. So here we go again, I've flagged down the wagon and am climbing back on.
I've also been really lazy. I find that I the less time I actually have the more I get done. The more time I have the less I get done. This reversal of the norm stems from my high school years when I was at school and working and volunteering and seeing the boy (the hub before he was the hubby) and cleaning houses and, and, and. I can manage 20 minutes but not 6 hours. So I find myself making lists just to make lists and feel like I got some where. So now its time to buckle down and work my butt off. Both with my workouts and with my work.
keep you posted!