Saturday, May 09, 2009


So the other night while Hub and I were getting ready for bed (we've been watching the first two season of "How I met your mother" for the last month or so) I asked him about when he was going to clean up the stuff that litters his side of the bed. He looked at me with that "HUH?" look. "BUT, its a low wide shelf!" "NO, it's the floor". Just a few days before, the last of his month-o-vacation, I had assigned two things. The light in the bathroom which has been broken since we bought the house, and to clean up the million and a half books on his night stand. Well both are still not done, but he just forgot. The diagnosis for this just up and plum forgetting, a serious case of manesia. Symptoms include, complete and udder forgetfulness of things which were complete important to you, forgetting of dates, why things happened, why things need to happen, forgetting to tell someone else something important, where things where put, what time something is going to happen at, with whom these things are going to happen with, whether or not it's clean or dirty, forgetting to remove wet things from a dry place. These are just a short list of symptoms of Manesia and they vary from man to man. For some a simple list with important tasks helps, other need electro shock therapy to help them remember. It's un curable but treatment does help. It is not contagious to females but when two or more men are within a six foot radius of each other they're individual forms of manesia converge into one, and as a group things like time and bodily functions are forgotten. Just continue to monitor them so that breathing continues and that they don't loose any eyebrows.

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Elemmaciltur said...

Hahaha, I can totally understand you. And let me say that this Manesia doesn't apply only to the hetero-world. ;-)