Friday, November 11, 2005

Silly Pat Robertson

Sooo, in PA they voted against "intellegnt Design", go figure people there understand that week didn't just pop into exsistance, well he warned them that they have made god angry by "rejecting" him and that they should expect a disaster. But see as how most of PA is a disater already, what else could happen to them. Well what else funny has happened in the world lately. Not much. There haven't been any loafs of bread in the road as of late, but amanda did have take a quick turn to avoid some rolling deer parts coming into her lane the other day. Schools a mess, because my teacher had her baby a month early had which has thrown everything out of sink. Ross and I moved the dinning room table into the living room and desk into the dinning nook so that we can use the table and watch TV because god forbid talk to each other. Well off to see the CA

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