Wednesday, February 15, 2006

snow and sunshine in clarksville

So its not fear and loathing, but its close, and damn near as weird. So here i am at midweek seeing that no one has heard from me in a least a week. The brain crushing presure is gone and I'm two antibiotics away from cured. I stoped taking the pseoephedra because I was feeling the effects of it. Today I'm a little shakie, which also blame on those cursed pills. Any whoooo, my week was more wine and british tv, along with a trip to get new glasses which turned into a return trip for returning glasses. My new lenses are still on there way so I have yet to get them, but thank god for that thrity day love them or leave them thing. It makes my life sooooo nice. its been a long week at work and hell its only half done, but I am getting alot of study time in so that makes me feeeeel really good. I got FREAKIN' FLOWERS this weekend from my sweet and loving husband, they arrived on saturday from the fedex man and they made me cry I was soooo excited. Six white six red, not for valentines day but just because. The card made no metion of that vial hoilday that middle schoolers get there little undies in a wad about, stupids. Julia and i got margaritas and I enjoyed that fact that i could wear red and pink together with out strange looks. I've also had my hair cut. It looks cute, but a tad short, but hell its hair it grows. Mike popped by on Monday, hes off to the korea and it was great to see him. HEY mike, I know at some point your reading this, hes a regular blog reader. Well then, I should be off to do some neglected things around the apartment. Oh yeah, how good of a story does that senetor have now, "I was shot once, by the Vice president" it'll make a great moment in history to ad to that presidentional pretzel problem.

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