Thursday, February 02, 2006


So after working in the hospital for a month now, I have noticed a few things, and those things involve the people that come to visit the sick. These are the rules for visiting me, if I am to be hospitalized. No sweat pants, god for bid do not freaking wear god damn f-ing sweat pants. I don't care if its ass-3:30 in the morning no one is allowed to be seen in sweat pants. Please bath, I don't come in all yuckie and nasty to see me, trust me its never that urgent. Plus no one who works there wants to pass by your stinky arse in the hall. Please keep your mouth shut, this means no stupid questions when talking to the doctor, no being mean to anyone who comes to get blood, or any other fluid, and no saying dump stuff in the hall. Bring food, but not fast food. I've learned alot about the wide hospital world. Dress nicish, when visiting the hospital no matter where you are, even if your wife is going into labor. It makes the hospital a nicer place. Be clean, you are seen by many people who work hard and smell alot, they don't want to smell you too. The biggest thing is to make sure you get well, so ask what you can do to make them better, not why they do things. We take your blood because we need it to see if your well, we feed you because you need to eat. Don't eat crap, its what got you there in the first place. Your goal in life is to stay as healthy as you can as long as you can. Lay off the processed food, and smoking. Take a walk, to work, at work, around work, after work. Don't allow yourself to get stiff and old, it all does down hill from there. Also avoid the doctor for little things, cold, flu and other virus's, don't always except anitbiotics unless the doctor says they will help, and can prove it. The more you can take when you are really sick the better. Cipro doesn't solve any thing unless its really there. It only gives you the shits. Take your vitamins, kids chewable will work. Take extra c and B for your immune system. Not to preach to anyone, but since no one really reads this any way. Just stay out of the hospital if you can avoid it. I see so many people you are passed their prime much to early.
One more thing, please no mullets, keep all mullets away from me in the hospital, they are the worst.

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