Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I think that Fall might be here

I don't known if I can wait any longer for fall. It keeps hinting at it. Cool mornings and then BOOOOM hot by the afternoon. Yuck. They say its going to be really nice tomorrow, around 70 degrees. I really hope thats the case. I don't know if I can take it anymore considering its the end of freakin' september.
MMMMMMM what have we been up to... not much actually. Lost is on tonight so we're going to Danas to watch it and before hand we're hitting up the hobby lobby for fuzzy yarn. I found this great coat at Target but I don't know if I'm going toget it because I think it makes me look a little thick, granted I am a wee chunkie I just don't kick my coats to show that off. School is school right now, I can't explain the boredum because it's better than working but not. Yeah it sucks to have a real job that requires to you get up go and stay there but atleast your doing something. I feel a little odd about school because I'm not working but I want to be. My days are very open and I end up napping and watching TV rather than doing something useful like finish knitting my sweater.
Well I should think about making dinner here soon, disregard the time stamp on my blog its about 2 hours behind. Ok have fun out there to all those people who live in places where fall as already arrived.

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