Thursday, September 29, 2005

College as a rerun

I never though I would actually go back to school. Once I was out that was that I was done but now I find my self here again and wow. I hind in the upstairs of what as know as the UC or the University center. I watch them all go by, the students. THe onces that haven't been here before. I strange need to wear your PJ's to class the said fate of college fashion and I know because I once spent a whole year wearing nothing but fat pants from Walmart to class. The freshman 45 has become a national past time here and Looking like an complete dult is in order for every 19 year old girl. College has become the new highschool. Ditzy teens without their parents to say no around. I watch and I wonder, how are they going to become really people with jobs, but then again they most likely are all psyc, majors or Rec majors with a comm and journalism thrown in for good measure. I'm not any older than any of them but to them this is the real world. Nashville is the biggest city they have seen and they've never lived there, or taken the bus. It's a symptom of the south, hardly anyone lives here on campus and they all have cars which they drive to campus even if they live really close. I worry, no wonder the south is the way it is, filled with ingnorance and privlage. Recycle or taking the bus is some how wrong here. But they are soooo nice. No not really. I have yet to find this crazy southern hospitality, I think it's a myth congered up to make them feel better about hating people and creating a casts system that prevents people for escaping poverty. Well it's only a few more years and I normally hang out with non southerns so it helps. So much for being a carefree college student again.

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A real enlightening blog - don't stop it.

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