Friday, September 16, 2005

Micro class

ahhh yes microbiology class, the class in which my four years of school are condensed down into a short six month pellet and fed to other students who look at me with sad eyes and go what? One of only three people with prior lab experience in class, April and I are the resendent class geniuses, woooowhoooo, I am so smart s-m-r-t,sorry channeling my inner homer. Though I might be able to do a gram stain in my sleep I still manged to get a big blob on my sweater. None other than the beautiful crystal violet. I screamed and then began to panic, how do I get it off my favorite ugly green sweater. Then like the moron I am it dawned on me, alcohol. The thrid step of a gram stain you use ethal alcohol to decolorize the bacteria and wash away the extra stain. Came right out!!! As exciting as all that was more exciting things have been happening in the world. Brittney gave birth to her first ugly monkey child she had with her gene pool contaminating husband. Now that scares me more than anything. I have a birhtday close to hers, we got married about the same time, and she has now one up'd me and had a baby. God help that child. Renee and Toby have slip, what a year for them, met at the tsunami in december, because destruction and the smell of dead fish mixed with sand is sooooo rommantic, get married and separate all before they can know each other a year. WOW. How to you top that one, I'd be wanting my wedding gift back, hell it was most likely never even used. I've been married a year and there are some things I've never used. Like that damn silver water thing I got. Ok enough ragging on other peoples lives that aren't mine I get to go school, but then it is friday.

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