Saturday, September 10, 2005

grocery shoping at the walmart

so today, this morning to be exact I braved the walmart to go grocery shopping. Man at 9:30 am there were all ready a bunch of people there. MMMM lots of ...mmmm uuuum, large people too. I've come to learn that in the south thats the norm. It wasn't to bad actually. I got all my shopping done and it didn't cost to much.
Last night we went to see a friend's art showing but they didn't even put her work up so we left, and went to the Deli for some dinner and drinks. The boys ended up staying for hours until the band got really loud and we decided to leave. The band wasn't to bad but it was so f'ing loud we had to leave. MMM we saw alot of really nasty austin peay students. To much uncovered skin. There was a guy trying to get a whole picher of beer down in hopes that the really ugly girl he was with would get better looking but it didn't seem to be working. It was good to watch though. Well I need to go work out and then get the wal mart off me. iek walmart cooties.

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