Wednesday, September 07, 2005


In the wake of the storm that brought down a city and brought Fall to clarksville, I hope something good can come of it. With so many people who were once so poor and had never left the city are moved to places that aren't the south, I see change. I see happy children who learn that there is something beyond the confinds of poverty. When I was in Oklahoma and subing for the school district, I saw students who thought that the OC was a fictional show and no place was like that. They had never been beyond Oklahoma city and some had never been there. They didn't understand that there was anything but the same beyond Lawton. Though I think the OC is crap and shouldn't make it to another stupid season, the kids still watched it. I hope that with out the culture which breds teenage mothers and uneducation these kids and hopefully parents will see that there is world beyond the south and poverty and the racism which runs rampent in the south. Maybe Katrina is a time of rebuilding and rebirth for people and when the water dries and the homes are rebuild people will move back in with new views and new hopes. It's all we can hope for in all the destruction.


Anonymous said...

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zyllah said...

Nice spam you've got going on. Oh I am making a gorgeous scarf out of that stuff I got at the basement scarf. I think you have a point about the move. Also when they rebuild I doubt that they would be able to afford it.