Sunday, September 11, 2005

a wild weekend of fun

so we had a crazy wild weekend of fun, actually we really didn't do anything. We went to a friends art showing that didn't turn out at all. Then had some drinks at the deli, stayed out late-ish and smelled like smoke. On saturday I contemplated home work while practing my typing. Yes I'm regreting, for the first time in my life, that I didn't learn how to touch type from Mrs. Easter in like 5th grade when it was completely pointless but now when I'm taking notes in class it would be really nice. Amanda and I went out shoping. MMM we got coffee at the evil empire that is starbucks, mmm pumkin spice latte and marshmellow square. Plus a trip to target for mildless goodies like a battie bat t- shirt for haloween. Ross and I headed over to see the ADA guy before he left for Iraq this morning, they had a BBQ. Today was a thrilling day, went to the recycle center, woooo that's exciting. I also though about maybe studing for my test that I have on Wednesday. I cleaned instead. I made dinner and watched the new simpsons and family guy. Let me tell you this has been a wild weekend. Can hardly wait for the week ahead, hahhahhahaaahahahaaaa. Ok, enough it's about time for bed or thinking about it. damn I have to but the sheets on the bed, ooo fresh sheets are worth it. Ok nighty night.

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zyllah said...

Found a fantastic pattern book vintage knits by sarah dallas. I think you'd like it