Monday, September 19, 2005

When did it get so freaking Hot

Yeah, after a fantastic weekend of cool overcast weather it got freakin' hot again and I'm pissed. Just tease me with a little fall, and then boom back to the hot. My hair is all messed up because of it. It's not fair. Any whooo, good weekend. We had the Jetta fixed on Saturday. The exust needed some work because of the hummity they rust out much quicker here. They got it done really quick, but it took longer because the Bikers convention at the fair grounds had a toy drive ride down the main road, which is the same the same road we were one. I was neat to see that many motercycles all at once. There were some really neat bikes too. We then went over to see Ross' friends from the unit, Davis and his wife. They have a great little place, but no furiture because she's only staying until he heads out to the sand box. She's going back to Tacoma, ah the great northwest, how I miss you. Sunday was quite, I wanted to study for my test but I went out with Amanda and Dana it was much more fun. We had a great time shopping and being really girly. I almost bought something at the GAP, ah my god Claire in the gap shocking!!!!! Yes, they have pants that come in Ankle length, which is almost too long for me. yeah I'm short. I got some studing in and I feel ok about the test. We it comes to that class and his tests you can never study enough because he mainly pulls the questions out of his butt. I'm currently sitting on the floor of the apartment watching Dr. phil, waitng for the X-files to come on. I really need to get a life. Tonight I have to go to post and have an FRG training meeting that is going to go until 9 at night. YUCK. I hate going to post. Ok I gota work on gaining another 30 lbs and I need to bleach out my hair so I'll blend in to night.

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