Thursday, September 08, 2005

The amazing Human pin cushion

God damnit so much for not getting stuck today. We had to draw these giant tubes for class, I think you might be able to suck a kidney through the needle with the vacume in them, and well my first vein didn't give more than a bit of blood then Chris missed the other vein. So much for day when I don't get to be the human pin cushion. Spent most of the day in lab, morning then afternoon. My micro class is like a rehash of my whole degree which is nice because it means I'm smart, s-m-a-t!!! I got a new bag that carries my labtop last night and it worked well today.
Campus is almost as good as Vegas for the people watching. MMM southern fired fat, if everywhere. And no shame to be big and wear a tank top. Shorts no problem you have huge white legs please by all means wear shorts. Well all this talk of fat has made me hugry so I need a snack.

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