Thursday, October 20, 2005

the urban sprawl of Clarksville

As with all Army town city planner are too expesive to hire, so instead they let the city grow unchecked while tons of crappy houses with no fences are built in ten seconds flat and sold to the person with the VA loan. Two years latter when the "neighborhood" has gone down hill and the VA loans have become VA repos they leave the houses to built more, further up the road. So as drive some 5 plus miles to the Target, which really isn't that far, except there was plenty of reestate inbetween that with never be filled in, I wonder why in freakin' hell are we building the new hospital out at exit 4, there is space behind the strip malls, there is space before them, there is space in downtown there is space every where, but we have let the core of the city die like a TB infection. The dead center while the outside growns and lives, only become part of the dead center as time passes. Like Lawton, Clarksville will crash and a saddness will consume the city. It's too bad, would be a pretty spot if they just gave some thought to it.

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