Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My rant and rave

So now that Ashlee simpson is blond again and is trying to be Gwen clone I wonder that if I was ever 21. I was I remember going to Vegas for my birthday, with my parents to people watch. But I don't remember any of those trivial things like boyfriend stealing that her new album deals with, and if the biggest problem in her life currently than she needs to hang out a bit more with Bono and at least learn about the worlds current problems so she could a least think about the problems facing the more grown up world. The other thing that made me wonder was, mmmmm that lady who is nominated for the supreme court needs to go and get a make over. MMM theres nothing nastier than that eye liner that she wears. Granted the way she looks has nothing to do with how smart she is, but that fact is she looks like a blue toad all the time and its sad because she makes a great deal more than me and should afford a nice suite that is non- toadie. Not to mention that most women of Washington look quite punny all the time, except ms Condie who seems to look around 30 years old all the time. Well so I think I've ranted enough, but ooo it felt good. Ok I'm sure I'll righ something less shallow latter. -CA

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