Tuesday, October 25, 2005

loafs of bread in the road way

mmm, this strange little tip of the news is brought to you by the folks at NPR. I was listening to the local road report when they said that there were loafs of bread in the road. Well today was a some what productive, between the test I took, then the nap and the studing, not to mention the spotted dog and the meeting, the day isn't even over. So lets slow down. I took a test in lab this morning, pooo, and then went off the the UC to study but I really felt crappy so took 4 Idu's and took a nap in a chair. I woke up and studied some more then ate my lunch which was quite tasty. Then I trugged back to class, sat in class and tried not to drool from complete boardum in a class that I have a degree in. We then played with the STD's mmm, but it was actually dead so we just saw slime. I then left feeling a wee better because I had a coke and the caffine combined with the painkillers to create a false sense of happness. So I walked home in the fadulously cold weather. As I was passing the church I saw a dog in the grass. I wasn't sure if she was alive or dead, I went up tp check on her. She was ok but very pregnant, so I checked on her and she was a little scared. I told her to be a good dog and someone would be back to get her. When I got home, I checked on Krys who was not home but her poor little dog was and she was whining at the door, a 700.00 dollar dog all alone every day all day and night. Well when I got home I called animal control and the took the information and they took my number so they could tell me if she was ok. I haven't heard anything but she couldn't have been a hard catch she was a huge dog. Then I went to post for the Pre-deployment meeting. Then home. Poor Ross had a ton of shots and is a little on the woozy side. Going to make some dinner and then then work on my study guide. What a day. Well then, byebye


Anonymous said...

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Emerald said...

Geez Claire sound like you had a busy day. Tell Ross I feel his pain, and I pray that they don't lose his shot records. You should watch the history channel on sunday at 8pm there is going to be a show about the plague. I figured a fellow micro dork would appreachiate a show like that.