Thursday, June 30, 2005

Freaken' Hot

Is so hot here, it's like 97 today. Yes I'm back in Clarksville. Though I must say Seattle was great. It was a lot of work and then I took two tests when got back. But all is well I have a four day weekend for the 4th. Starting this afternoon. I have ten tomatoes growing which is great. The largest of which has started to turn a bit Yellow so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get some red on the that tomato. I had to steak up the plants with knitting needles and yarn, its all I had around. Frankie is happy to have us home. We're happy to have him back. I have lots of time on my hands this weekend I hope to get pictures of my sweater up, the tomatoes and maybe a few a budgie. Today was a good day so I hope everyone eles has a good day too.
Ps my orchid is growing too so I'll get some pictures of that too.

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