Thursday, June 23, 2005


So here I am in Seattle. We're taking a few days in June to see our families and relax. Unforntuanly with skool I have to do stuff like homework whil I'm gone.
An update about school. Yes I started four day late but I managed to catch up it was a lot more work than I want to but in. I have two classes and two labs that run from 8-5 with an hour for lunch monday through thursday. Friday I just have one class and one lab. I've already had three tests. I two more when I return to Clarksville. I've done some fun and interesting things so far. In Hemeotolgy I drew blood for my first time and I didn't hurt anyone. I also had my blood taken. I have great veins which is good to learn on, plus I'm ok with needles. Other than spending hours trying not to fall asleep on a daily bases skool (invader zim) is very good. The AC is rather chilli in the building so it's quite cold inside and very hot outside. I hate the weather. Well Any way here we are in Seattle. Will update the pictures when we return promise. -caw

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