Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When do people grow up?

We all say, "when I grow up." as little kidos. That we might be something, or do something or just get to sit on our butts while watching TV because we can. The funny thing is that it seems that fewer and fewer people are actually growing up. While they get bigger and get jobs they still act like sullen twit children when told they have "to do" something. They get pissy, they get rude and do silly immature things. Take a co-workers half-ass comment, as we were leaving work. LEAVING WORK, all day to say this, all day to just say, "hey why didn't this get done?" or all day to reflect on the fact that it totally her job too and she never once lifted a finger to work on it. "If someone had just done this in her down time it would have gotten done". You gotta say it all snarky in you're head too. You know that making microbiologist mad isn't really a top shelf idea. Whatever, is all I have to say. I admit I kinda dropped the ball, I kinda didn't tell anyone that I was working on the computer system at a snails pace but shit people it's not just my job its all y'alls. Plus I'm not a "senior lab tech" soooooo ergo NOT JUST MY JOB. So everyone out there today, take the high road, do something mature and good. Tell someone they look good, they did a good job and then get back to work. Then apply for a job at Books A Million!

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alissasanderson said...

Books-A-Million sounds like a wonderful idea...I wonder if I'd get a discount on books?


Hang in there...