Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Converts and New Projects

Normally at work I knit. Knit at morning break, lunch, afternoon break, the sheer boredom of the new pay chart has kicked in and the once thrilling buzz of a busy fall turns into us out in fields shoot cows just so we can have something to do (ok this would never happen. Only cows that die of unknown causes come to see us and because we love animals that's why we are underpaid and treated like cow pies). All this knitting has going some of my scrap-booking co-workers to at least be more interested in the dark side than before. One friend went online and printed some directs then came to work holding up what looked a little like a cat sucked blue hair ball. The cat had gotten a hold of the ball of yarn, but attached to the hair ball was a wee little knitted square! So the BVC is starting to breed knitters and not just I have yarn show me how to make this into something knitters, they are I can do this myself kind but what is gods name did I do here could you fix it please knitters.
I stuck my head into the lab one afternoon, while I was busy out and about somewhere's else and waiting for me was our building's big guy in maintenece, fearing that one of my incubators had gone down or worse the air handler had shut off and I'd have to spent the rest of the afternoon in a 80 degree oven. Nope. The building is frightfully old and painted with a color most closely resembling fuzzy silly putty, hang on I'm getting somewhere, so they are repainting. They want a mural, and they want me to paint it. WOW! Um I'm kinda shocked and very flattered. Plus I'm helping Alissa make her Halloween costume. Right now I feel so very crafty, and needed.
Plus I've got some new projects to tackle in the not so distant future.
Yarn for the Hemlock Ring, It will be a little small.

Yarn for a baby sweater.

Yarn to make a Sheldon, which I started and about took an eye out with my DP's so I will come back to the little guy one day after I get better with those silly things.

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Anonymous said...

You're painting a mural?! Wow! Where? When?

That's awesome!