Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanx Jeff

While my Mom visited when got manicures and pedicures from the great ladies over at Gist. One of the ladies is a TN/KY boarder native and gave us the skinny on some of the stranger and cooler things around this parts. One of these strange things is a huge ass monument to the one and only confederate President.
So we drove out, I took some pic's and we went to Hoptown for lunch at a kickin' little place called Lic's.

Well this all comes back to Jefferson Davis because today while I was cruising along highway 41A after drinking a whole soda and having frozen groceries in my boot (trunk for non-mini drivers). I came to a full stop. All of us where forced to turn around. I was dangerously low on gas and was forced to return to Hoptown. Now I'm stuck, the little highways were full up with big ass trucks and mini vans. MMMM Wait! The monument! I just drove back there and then home. If I had never ventured out to see the old guy I would have spent an hour in first gear. Instead I zipped home with the windows down and the AC off listening to my music very loud.

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Mrs. Bluebird said...

Okay, I need to know about this manicure, pedicure place because I need a pedi bad and I want to be able to understand my pedicure person. I haven't found one around here that speaks English well enough for me to understand!