Sunday, December 09, 2007

“Men seldom make passes At girls who wear glasses”

Thank you Dorthy Parker for that gem. It was new glasses day for me saturday. Big deal seeing as thats how I see. No contacts for me any more, they really bug me. So me and super high prescription popped into Lenscrafters to escape the terrors in the mall (grrrrr to x-mas gifts) and there they were on the wall..... still there waiting for me to take them home.

They have little black sparkles all along the top and on the sides. I finally have sparklely glasses.
I also got a second pair (ummm I have a special account from work to pay for this, so stop thinking I just won money off a scratch ticket and didn't tell the Hubby.) These are my "normal" glasses...hahahhaaa

Love them both, and since my prescription hasn't changed, or I'm in denial about it changing and haven't gotten my eyes checked again, I have 3 pairs to wear!!! this is fun.

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zyllah said...

They're both really cute. No cashmere huh?