Monday, December 10, 2007

Flat as a pancake

So this morning my "butt Light" went off while I was driving. No this isn't a warning that my butt looks big in these pants or that the driver of the car next to me is not paying attention because they are scratching their butt, but that I have low tire pressure. It looks more like a butt then a flat tire. This is quite normal when we're having bad or abnormal weather (tomorrows high is 72, Baghdad's is 67 just to put in perspective) so I just turned the stupid flashing beeping light off and drove on. After lunch though Steve called the lab to let me know, that it was in deed flat. Very very flat. UGH!!! So steve pulled the air compressor around front topped it off and I drove off, about two blocks until it started to loose pressure again. A nail was all it was, all patched and fixed for 14 bucks. But it just goes to show you that even your car will cry wolf.
Tomorrow, the hubby's birthday!!!


zyllah said...

That's still not fun. Oh No knitting for me tomorrow since I have mandatory Christmas cheer on post.

zyllah said...

Oh and Happy Birthday Ross