Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer time Clarksville

MMM, unknow bugs, heat, and this lack of rain is reeeeeeeeeeally starting to get to me. I'm waiting for the damn huricane to hit land so we can get some freakin rain around here. I know this will be nasty hot sticky rain that won't stop and will be quasi-monsoon rain but thats ok with me, its water that comes done from the sky.
the only plus to this heat is that i currently had 13 tomatoes growing. Two of these are turning red. I think maybe monday they'll be ready. I can hardly wait I don't even really like them I just want to grow them.
School' s been school. We could do more with our time but they haven't planned really well. That's ok I only have one class for the rest of the month that makes me very happy. I had a test last week and so far I don't have one this comming week which is a first for me.
Really nothing of any really interest has been going on here, just reallllly fat people in shorts, very scary. Any who, please email me or leave a comment if you're reading this thing.

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