Friday, November 21, 2008


Its 26 degrees out side this morning.....

I broke out my new winter coat, which I'm very happy with. I can't live without a wool coat, its a thing left over from college and the constant threat of snow.
To go with the new coat I've been on a bit of a scarf kick. The Storks Nest scarf is growing. The repeat is easy to remember and is turning into a great at work knit (as I am typing this my neighbors ill behaved and extremely stupid lab is barking non-stop and setting my teeth on edge).
Working on a second less large Clapotis for wear with the winter coat too, since the collar is very high scarfs can't have as much bulk.

In other very exciting news our friend Ian is currently making plans to visit for thanxgiving, and Joshie (oh I'm sorry I just can't help calling him that) has already bought tickets. All told between four households there is going to be some 20 plus people this thanxgiving! Two turkeys!

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alissasanderson said...

Your coat is so cute. I wish I were stylish like that :-)