Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Roll on Columbia Roll on......

Ok so the Red river is not the Columbia, and it really doesn't even roll is kinda putzes along, but floating down it fun and you don't run the same risks as the mighty Columbia. So on Sunday we packed up the car and got a bag of ice for a nice, 5 hour float down the river. It was great. We saw tons of turtles, a snake and a vulutre. Only a few aplances in the river and no cars. Though I must say I was pooped at the end. It was a great way to spend a weekend.
Speaking of weekends, Mike came up from Alambama for the long weekend which was fun. He got a brand new Honda Element, black. We hung around and watche a lot of real bad movies. He Floated down the river with us. He should be getting his airframe soon and he also has to pick is new duty station. Eh, in all it was a good time.
Thursday, last thursday I spent the morning watching around 2800 folk all dressed in the new ACU's, yeah it was the division review. It was long and toasty and very cool. If you stuck it out for the full 2 hours you got to see a fly over of the four major airframes, and the towed artillery pieces. I took Four rolls of pictures. I'll get them on disk don't worry. Ok well Alton Brown is on and I should watch.

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