Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Morning

Good Morning, so another weekend has come and gone and well I've learned one thing, Sideways was a strange movie. Good yes, but I see why it was not best picture. We rented it and watched it but it was ot what I thought, and I learned nothing about wine that I already didn't know. I did learn that the saba is a very durable car though. Oh well, it was something to watch, which was not your standard armerican happy ending movie. I haven't seen million dollar baby but i have a feeling that it shouldn't have won either. Enough about movies. I finished my first sock this last week. I have to say that my Kitchner stich has a ways to go before I can be a master knitter, maybe one day. But it's a sock and it fits perfectly. I'm going to sign up for a sock class at the quilting place so I can learn a few other things first. I've started the second sock just in time for the warm weather to set in. Hell if I start my sweaers now I'll be ready for the winter, and begin the summers in winter i'll be set. Ok Well I have to go to work soon, should have some sock photo's posted.

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