Friday, December 05, 2008

Making the taste buds happy

The other day I got a random email from a friend I had not seen in about 2 years. It seems to happen like this for me, people I know and rarely see pop out of the wood work. Case in point, thanxgiving. Well its been a while since I saw this person so of course I'll drop everything, which really wasn't anything, to drive to Nashville on a weeknight for dinner. Kevin (we sorta went to high school together, and he was kinda in my wedding) was done with work early and called his girlfriend, "I think I'll drive up to Clarksville, and we'll have dinner there." he says, she asks "where does Claire want to go to dinner." "some place called Margot" "STAY IN NASHVILLE!". Yes Kevin, keep her she's a wise women. I really did wanted to see Kevin, but given the chance to have dinner at Margot, that was really what I wanted to do. I had the tri-tip with an onion bread pudding and Kev had the Spegetti and meatballs. We ended the night with heavenly hot chocolate topped with homemade mashmellows. It was worth the 140 miles of driving I did in one day, but this is how we operate. Kevin once drove from Atlanta and back in one day just to have dinner and ice cream with us.

In knitting news the Storks Nest Scarf is off the needles and the 'lil clap is moving right along. I've ordered some "snowman fixin' " to make the little felted fellows from KnitPicks for a co-worker who is a self proclaimed "snowman ho". I hope that they arrive soon.

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