Thursday, March 13, 2008

Send happy thoughts to.....

An APO in one of those countries that end in 'STAN. The Hub packed up and headed out this week. Budgie and I send our love. On the plus side, while he packed and packed, and packed, the hub said "you know you could knit me a blanket" YES!! Finally something that he might use and actually wants. Long long ago I began a pair of red socks for him, this is long FA story and I might reward a reader with some sock yarn if they can relay this story. Well he said "they're too girlie" somewhere around the heel flap. Those went in the frog pile. Before he left in '05 I got out the old measuring tape and found what size sweater he'd wear, but promptly lost those measurements and was reminded that he is a human space heater. There went that knitting gift. Promises of handknit gators and helmet liners have be received with "mmm I'm ok" loosely translated "I don't wear the one they issued me, why would I want a fancy one", there goes that one too. But finally something asked for, something I know will get used in the sometime sub-zero high dessert of the 'stans. I picked a nice crochet pattern because a knitted blanket is akin to hot wax and leg hair. I'll be starting that beauty tonight after pad-thai and "The First 48". Honest if you want to send anything over seas to any one please let me know, we have many guys who need support.

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